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Holland Club Newsletter January 2015


A new year has begun, and I am looking forward to another successful year with the Club. In September of this year I will have a chance to continue on and represent you as president of the Holland Club of New Orleans. However, this depends on you, the member, to elect or nominate the Board. See you in September if not sooner!

The past year we were busy as usual. Membership meetings, coffee outings, and to top it all off, a 2 hour brunch and river cruise on the Mississippi River onboard the Steamboat Natchez! Last year we started with a General and Board meeting that were held on January 19th at the residence of Elizabeth and Tom Michaud. Two months later, on March 23rd, we met at the Terrytown American Legion Post 378 and watched a DVD movie titled “The Gang of Oss”. On May 4th, Johanna Coumou invited us to her home. That day was also recognized by the citizens of The Netherlands as Dodenherdenkin Dag. Have any of you participated on the 22nd of May, 2014 election of the European Parliament? What was the outcome?

Last year, one of our members, Susan Tucker of Tulane University, conducted interviews with some of our members who were willing to share their past. In July the Executive Board held a meeting at the Burns’ residence. Later in September we came together and voted for our newly elected Vice President and Trustees at Marie Schuller’s residence. We held an auction in November that helped partially fund our recent boat trip in December. That sums up our past year moments that would prepare us for more activities this upcoming year.

At our first meeting this year we will gather on Sunday, February 1, 2015 at the Winkelers’. This will be a pot luck party. I will bring frozen or thawed Kroketten or Bitter ballen shipped from Florida. Cily and Max will allow me to fry the food on their back porch. Hopefully Thomas will again bring his kroepoek for us to enjoy. What are you cooking?

Then on Saturday April 18th, we will meet at the library on 1123 Main Street, Madisonville, LA 70447. I am interested with this opportunity to gather on a Saturday instead of Sunday. There is a conference room large enough to view a movie and have some snacks. Do any of you have a suggestion for snacks? I emailed our honorary Consul Constance Charles Willems for the DVD titled “Jackie”.

The following month, on May 24th, we are meeting at Johanna (Sissy) and Douglas Daigle’s beach house on 223 S Island View, Long Beach, Mississippi. Please, if you are willing to supply a salad call, email me, or our secretary with your choice. I’m a meat eater!

Last but not least, we scheduled the following coffee meetings. They are all planned on a Saturday and we meet at 10:00 AM.

Mark your calendars or view Calendar of Events:

1) January 17:   La Madeleine at 3300 Severn Ave, Metairie.
2) February 21:   PJ's Maple Street, New Orleans.
3) March 14:   Caffe' Caffe', 4301 Clearview Pkwy, Metairie.
4) April 11:   Panera's on Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie.
5) May 16:   La Madeleine, Elmwood, Jefferson.
6) June 13:   Southern Latte Cafe', 50 Wade Street, Luling.

Please keep up to date with these coffee gatherings. It is possible that the February, March, April, and June coffee outings will change!

I also want to again welcome our newest members Harry Be, Willem and Gijsbertha De Jonge.

On a solemn note, on May 22nd, we lost a long time member Elizabeth van Battum. Proudly she was posthumously inducted into the New Orleans Track Club Hall of Fame, Class of 2014. Also Pat van Oosten, on June 30th, passed away. Another member, Jan Theuns, is having difficulties with his daily life. Don’t forget about Miep Theuns, Jan’s wife. She is constantly helping him with his daily activities. Thankfully she has a live-in caretaker who helps with Jan’s (Adrian) daily care. Send Miep a note or call her. There was also an air disaster that involved the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

Lest we forget, the World Cup! Also, the Mississippi Public Broadcasting Station in Jackson uploaded the “Dutch Wives” and "Dutch Wings over Jackson” on YouTube. With over 500 Dutch fliers who trained in Jackson, Mississippi during WWII, the documentary also chronicles the romances between the Dutch and the Mississippi girls (wives) whose hearts they won. Maybe in early November another tribute could be held in Jackson, honoring the pilots who lost their lives while training for WWII.

For now, I will close this news with a happy note. See you soon! Lekker kroketten eeten. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Eric Gossiaux, President / Webmaster

Holland Club of New Orleans

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