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March 2014 Newsletter

On January 19th a General and Board meeting was held at the residence of Elizabeth and Tom Michaud. Tom cooked his favorite Indonesian dish for everyone to enjoy and of course Krupook. Prior to the meeting we enjoyed other dishes as well brought by other members.

March 23rd.

The Board agreed to hold a meeting on March 23, 2014 at 13:00 uur. We will gather at the Terrytown American Legion Post 378, located on 431 Holmes Blvd. A historical crime drama DVD movie, spoken in Dutch with English subtitles,“THE GANG OF OSS” will be shown. The club will supply the refreshments, snacks and drinks. This movie is most likely Rated "R" for violence and brief sexual content and nudity.

"1 woman, 2 lovers, 4 murders."
"A young woman wants to escape from a web of crime that surrounds her. The harder she tries, the more she gets stuck in fraud, prostitution, manslaughter and even murder."
"Premise. He who doesn't speak, never lies."
Short Synopsis.
“In the 1930's, the city of Oss in southern Holland was caught up in a vicious crime wave. The military police was sent from the north to free the city from the terrifying 'Gang of Oss'. When the police discovers sex crimes and fraud even among the local clerks and prominent city folk, the conflict escalates between the Catholic south and Protestant north, which finally leads to the fall of the government - the last one operating before the war”.

MAY 4th
On Sunday, Johanna Coumou has agreed to hold a gathering at her home. This again will be a pot luck event, unless we can come up with an idea prior to that date. In The Netherlands the citizens recognize this day as "Dodenherdenking", day. More information can be found at Remembrance of the Dead and our website “Calendar of Events”. In the United States, Memorial Day is observed this year on May 26th, Monday.

Formerly “Queens Day” is usually celebrated on the 30th of April. However, last year The Queen abdicated her throne to her son, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander. Maybe we can celebrate together with some favorite Dutch dishes as Pot Luck? Hmm, lekker kroketten? Shall you (we) show our colors? Orange?

Some time at the end of this year we should try and get together for a celebration. Does anyone have an idea or place to meet? Sinterklaas? Halloween? Cily will get information about the hall of the Parish Life Center of Holy Spirit Church. Is any member willing to open his or her home? The following question was asked at our first gathering. “What do you expect from the Holland Club?” This came up because so few people were attending the meeting at the Michaud’s. We would like to try to please the members, therefore please let us know if you have any wishes and/or suggestions for our get-togethers.

One of our members, Susan Tucker of Tulane University, is conducting interviews with all of our members who are willing to share their past. Anyone interested should contact Eric for more information. So far half of our active participating members have been interviewed. Are you willing to share your past and future thoughts?

We had our first coffee meeting for the year on February 8th at Cafe! Café! in Metairie.

And on March 8th we came together for coffee at La Madeleine, Elmwood.

Our next coffee gathering will include the following places.

April 5, City Park – Morning Call
May 17, PJ’s, LaPlace.
June 21, Gingerbread Café Lakeview, 607 Harrison Ave, New Orleans.
July 19, PJ’s, Maplestreet, New Orleans.
August 9, La Madeleine Severn, in Metairie.
September 13, Parrot Pete, 1901 Manhattan Blvd.

The Mississippi Public Broadcasting station in Jackson has uploaded the following YouTube Videos. Have you seen the documentary of the "Dutch Wives" of East Indies Pilots? During WWII some young women at that time married these pilots " Dutch Wings Over Jackson" pilots.

All information can be found on our website and Shutterfly calendars. View some photographs as well from the same website located on the "Recent Activity" link. When visiting that web link, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to view more links of other photographs. Emails are sent automatically from Shutterfly a few days before an event. Check your spam folder!

The Club depends on YOU, the member.

Eric L Gossiaux, President/Webmaster

Holland Club of New Orleans