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January 24, 2011 a podcast was created by Radio Lab of New York City about Emilie Gossiaux. This podcast was recorded while Emilie was in NYC Rehab during the months of November through January 2011

This segment of Lost and Found can be searched on Radio Lab, Produced by WYNC Studios

The story is about Emilie Louise Gossiaux who was involved in a serious accident. While on her bicycle she was struck and run over by an 18 wheeler. After several weeks in ICU at Belleview, she came out of her silent and dark world, later in rehabilitation at RUSK. The following quotes can be seen on Radio Lab @WYNC.

"In this segment, we take an emotional left turn to a story of a very different kind of lost and found. We begin with a college student, Alan Lundgard, who fell in love with a fellow art student, Emilie Gossiaux. Emilie's mom, Susan Gossiaux, describes her daughter, and the terrible phone call she received from Alan nine months after he became Emilie's boyfriend. Together, Susan and Alan tell Jad and Robert about the devastating fork in the road that left Emilie lost in a netherworld, and how Alan found her again."

May 2012 after Mother's Day, Emilie Gossiaux and Allen Lungard were flown down from New York City to address the graduating class of 2012 at NOCCA. The inspirational speech was addressed on stage in front of the Class of 2012, their parents, friends, guests and teachers.

Sometimes we plan an overnight stay in Jackson, Mississippi for memorial services in May or November to honor the Royal Netherlands Fliers who lost their lives while in training during WWII.

View the Mississippi Public Broadcasting documentary on YouTube videos about the "Dutch Wives" and the full documentary of the "Dutch Flyers Over Jackson."